" Roger, We can't thank you enough for the FANTASTIC, Professional and Smooth delivery of your performance.  We received so many comments about what a great DJ/MC you are.  Everyone commented on your friendly, easy-going demeanor, your wonderful speaking tone and presence.  You kept the whole night running seamlessly and on schedule.  Our mothers especially (the toughest critics) loved your attitude and performance.  You helped set the tone and you rolled with whatever we gave you (we know we had a lot of expectations) - You exceeded ABOVE and BEYOND our expectations.  Thanks for both taking and keeping control - you are the ultimate professional & extremely easy to work with.  Thank you so much for being apart of our day!! "
Khai & Ercon McBride

" Roger, You did such an incredible job!  You truly made it a special and FUN occasion for Eric and I.  We received so many compliments on what great Dj, entertainer, etc. you are!  Everything ran smoothly & you really took care of the Bridal party even when things got crazy. "
                                                                                                            Ann and Eric

" Thank you for making our reception lots of fun!  We watched our wedding video and we could see the happiness on everyone's faces and the fun they were having!  You did a great job, and we appreciate it. "
                                                                                                            Guy and Vickie Hemphill

" We found Roger to be perfect, like we like our Dj to be.  Young, Dumb and full of fun! Ha Ha!  <Seriously> Roger, You helped us out of a Bad situation.  Shannon and I can't thank you enough.  If there is ever a way we can help you, We will do our best.  RP Rocks!! "

                                                                                                            Moshay and Shannon Leevy

" Thank you so much for making our wedding a joyous experience.  Numerous guests enjoyed you and they were impressed with your Organization.  You continually kept people on the dance floor.  You are one of the BEST DJ Performers that we have ever seen. Thank you again and we will certainly recommend you to others! "
                                                                                                            Mike and Dawn Rust